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08-02-2006, 09:35 PM
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The trade that brought Zednik and Bulis was a great trade.

Zednik was not the same player before his "contact" than after but he was still considered as a clutch player up to the middle of the 2005-2006 season.

The only problem (if you choose to call that a problem) is that we chose to wait untill we were absolutely, totally convinced that he had no more value to the team before trading him.

Of course, by that time, everybody in the league and their mother knew it too.

Same thing with Bulis, to a lesser degree. I remember reading about his great play in 2004-2005's off season and wishing that he developped that "edge" that would bridge the gap between a decent third liner and a potential 1st-2nd trio winger (lets not deceive ourselves, the potential was always there... it just didn't come together...).

I would compare that to Ryder this off season.

Any proposal for a trade will be met with staunch resistance by fan who consider him an important part of the team (they may well be right).

Other fans would look at his market value (which should be really high) and decide we should take our chances at moving him and get another solid guy in return, with the rationale that most half-assed plays will be hidded by his 30 goals.

Lets say that, by the end of 2006-2007's season, things blow up in the face of good old mikey and that he loses his "scoring touch" (worse things have happened).

Lets further say that he is traded for a 3rd pick (taking into account that Mikey's problems are perceived by everyone else in the NHL as a permanent condition...)

It doesn't change the fact that, for a while, Ryder would have been a great draft pick, a great pickup and an important part of our team!

Successive actions doesn't change past realities. Only our perception of them.

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