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I believe I'm an average to slightly above average offenseman, depending on what you see. I have the vision and I have the knowledge of the game. I have explosive speed and quick feet, they could be quiker. I dont haev stickhandling, and I dont have that AMAZINGLY hard shot. But it is acurate and smart. I can beat someone to the outside (unless they have Joe thorton reach ) due to the fact I'm 5'3. I can come in and beat a goalie glove, and high blocker. A guy on my team can beat any goalie five hole. His shot is just so quick and acurate. Another guy on my team is a sniper and can hit any corner. I know what I have to work on and thats making my feet quicker, getting that stickhandling knowledge and skill. And getting a stronger shot. That would make me an above average offenseman.

What I do is tie a wieght to both ends of my stick and I curl that, I do that for 30 minutes and then do a quick foot drill. I have about 10 different sticks, each for their own purpose, and I place them like an obsticle course type. I start out at a certain point and run to the first stick, come to quick stop, turn, and explode. I do that until I cant get any better time then my time before. (yes that means have a stop watch lol).

I've never tried sitting in a chair and shooting, I will definetly have to try that. Also, to warm up before a game, I take a stick handling ball and stichandle and pass it around with your team mates. Or do it in any of your spare time.

I've just started these and I havent played since I started so I'll have to find out if it's working. I play Midget Major A in NJ, and my team is practicing with the Junior B team tomorrow. Lets find out if I can step it up to them huh?

Well, hope that mindless dribble helps. Remember, a couple miles in running a day wouldnt hurt. Eating fruits, vegetables, your protein and carbs and getting a good night sleep is RECOMENDED if you want to get to that next level. Some of us are prodagys. But NONE of us, get like that without hard work.

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