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03-19-2013, 08:50 PM
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Good game. Good win. Mostly happy with the effort. Some same complaints linger, about dumping the puck too much, having poor breakout, etc. but these issues are things that are not nearly worth getting worked up about when the team shows up and works. That's all I want. We got that tonight. Liked the last two games. Just wish we could see some consistency now. Prior tonight 'Canes game they were looking awful again and all the hopes I had that they'd figured it out, gotten their legs and were turning it around was lost. Now these last two they're playing with heart and looking better again. The inconsistency is my only gripe for now. Unrelated to the teams play and regardless of win or lose, I just have to vent the following:

Brad Richards absolutely HAS to go. Period. Don't care WHAT he does at this point. He is DONE. He could go on a nice little streak starting next game. He could put up a 5 point night. I don't care. Nothing will redeem him. He's finished. I LOVED him in his Lightning days and I wanted him when he was in Dallas, years before we actually became interested bidders and it seemed likely we'd trade for him or sign him. I always listed him as a favorite of mine before he arrived in NY and as a kid I used to trade for him to be my #1C, regardless of what team I used, in like 90% of my video game franchises. I always was a big time fan. I was badly underwhelmed by him last season, but content with some clutchness and still respectable numbers, and I thought he might further acclimate to the team and really flourish with a guy like Nash. Now... I literally couldn't hate him more at this point. I want him to go elsewhere just so I can hope he loses. When he gets a point now, it annoys me. I can't ****ing stand him. I hate his stupid buck toothed face. I hate that he wears an A. I simply can't stand him

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