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Originally Posted by Avs_19 View Post
It is GSP's fault. Isn't that obvious? He's better than everyone else and can do whatever he wants in there. He'll take Diaz, Condit, and Alves down because he doesn't want to stand with them. He'll also keep the fight standing against Shields and Koscheck because he doesn't want to grapple with them. But he doesn't take the next step and try to finish his opponents. He doesn't want to take any chances and is okay with just picking up a decision win. He could have taken Diaz's back a number of times and tried a submission but decided to just hold onto him on the ground. Koscheck couldn't see out of one eye for 3 or 4 rounds but GSP stood on the outside and threw jabs for the entire fight.
Diaz admittedly didn't train his wrestling much for this fight. That is entirely his own fault. And very dumb. Koscheck stood at distance with GSP the entire fight, and he was the one losing on the cards. Shouldn't he try to close the distance and actually land something? Shields is a boring fighter so no shock him and GSP wasn't going to be a barn burner. I guess what really bothers me is other fighters complaining about GSP's style. If you don't like it, then do something about it.

Imagine if Jon Jones stood on the outside for 25 minutes and just kept throwing jabs because he has a ridiculous reach advantage. A lot of the people defending GSP here would be calling for Jones' head. Lets not even get started on the criticism Anderson would take. Those two are better than everyone else in their division and they go out and finish almost every single one of their fights. GSP can do it as well but he just chooses not to.
This is where we disagree. I don't think he can. Maia has subbed one guy in his last 11 fights, so I don't think GSP's gonna be pulling off a bunch of subs anytime soon. So that leaves finishing a guy with strikes. GSP doesn't have big time power. He doesn't have anywhere near the ability to finish fights that Jones and Anderson do. And in that he's such a good wrestler he's on top of guys a lot of the time. Very tough to finish guys just with ground and pound in this day and age. Only chance we'll ever see GSP with that real killer/finishing instinct is if Hendricks beats him. Personally I don't even think that would do it.

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