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03-19-2013, 09:33 PM
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Originally Posted by OilerTyler View Post
It would have to be a short term deal for sure. One or two years.

If we can trade Whitney for a 2nd, are we going to get a better defenceman back for that same pick?

I just think Whitney is a decent enough stop gap player and we still have a need for his offence on the backend next year.
We cannot afford any boat anchor contracts. Whitney is playing for a new contract and for most of the year he's been poor or worse. If he is willing to stay here, isn't a problem in the dressing room, and will take $3 million or less for 1-2 years then I'd be fine with keeping him for now. That 2nd that he might yield in return could very well get you a JM Liles level defenseman from a few years back, that is what he went for. This is why if there's any indication that he isn't signing a club friendly deal I trade him. Hemsky on the other hand needs to go, Nail needs more ice time and a bigger role on the team. Deal Hemsky while he's healthy for grit that can play, a package of a high pick and a B level prospect, and be done with it.

Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
You really think teams are lining up to give him multi-year deals?

If he wants to be here that's what he takes. Otherwise he can walk.
These are NHL GM's that you are talking about, would you bet against a team looking at giving him a 2-3 year deal? I agree on the rest of your post, if the deal doesn't work for us then I'd sooner move him than let him walk.

Originally Posted by SeriousBusiness View Post
What are the odds Whitney wants to stay here though? After the last couple seasons, I'm guessing he'd rather try and start fresh elsewhere.

In which case, may as well get whatever we can for him.
It sounded like he was quite pissed at Krueger, so unless he's the type to kiss and make up, I doubt that he's here much longer.

Originally Posted by ponokanocker View Post
For those suggesting dealing Whitney for a pick at the deadline, you are essentially telling the rest of your team that you are not trying for the playoffs this year. Unless you are trading other assets for another D immediately after the trade, you are sending a very poor message to your team.
How about this scenario? Whitney for 2nd round pick, Hemsky for Despres and a 2nd/3rd, the pick from Pitt for Brian Boyle?

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