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Originally Posted by johan f View Post
You can't compare Alfie and Silfverberg's SEL years. These days rhere are lots of more players playing outside Sweden than when Alfie was young. SEL is a bit watered these days.
Originally Posted by playasRus View Post
It's true. Alfie was playing against the Forsbergs and Naslunds of Sweden.

Silfverberg was playing against...
As I've pointed out before in this thread that's a terrible point. The SEL is better then it has ever been.

Yes in the the early 90s we had Forsberg, Näslund and Alfie but i would go as far as saying the SEL was a semi-professional league back then (many players had other jobs to support themselves)- can't even compare it to what it is today.

Also, the assumption that if a higher number of Swedes play outside the country the quality must automatically drop in Sweden is flawed. We have a lot more resources and commitment in youth hockey today and therefore produce a significantly higher number of quality players than we did 20 years ago.

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