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03-19-2013, 09:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Ishdul View Post
Anaheim has gotten absurd luck, with the highest shooting percentage post lockout and getting very fluky good goaltending from Fasth (unless you actually think he's a Vezina calibre goaltender), which covers up for the fact that they're a terrible possession team with the 6th worst Fenwick and 3rd worst Corsi in the league.
You have no idea what you're talking about, other than a few numbers that you're apparently not capable of putting in perspective. There was nothing fluky about Fasth's goaltending, nor was it remotely Vezina caliber. He was playing very solid, but hardly unbelievable. The Ducks play very well defensively and don't allow a lot of high-caliber scoring chances. Fasth (like Hiller now) is getting a ton of help, and both of these guys are making the saves they are supposed to make without being mistakeable for Vezina winners when you watch the game. It doesn't matter if you allow your opponent to take 40 shots a game from the outside. It matters a lot more that you don't allow eight of those in the slot. People are trying to force the complex game of hockey into a more statistically accessible frame while ignoring basic realities. The result, at times, is the numbers derived from that disagreeing with reality. Smart people can then take those numbers, see what happens on the ice, and take their lessons of that odd lack of a correlation. Others will believe that reality is wrong, in some way.

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