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03-19-2013, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Bob Richards View Post
Commercials have the sole purpose of telling you to buy their product. Their existence depends on that especially when a good portion of them say "buy this now".

Lil Wayne raps about stupid **** and how much he enjoys indulging in hedonism. Dumb, but that's him. If one is to seriously take up drugs because they see a picture of Wayne holding Sizzurp, that speaks far more negatively about them than it does him.
But people idolize him right?

A commercial and Lil Wayne both talk about how cool something is, but because the commercial tell you specifically to buy it that's one thing? Do you not think kids who listen to Lil Wayne don't hear the lyrics or see those pictures and think they need to try it? Humans are impressionable by nature and that's why commercials exists. In fact, that's why marketing companies use rappers in their commercials. Do they do it because these guys are so articulate and good at acting? Or because they have a fan base who will listen to them?

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