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03-19-2013, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Bob Richards View Post
Until I directly hear a lyric from him telling me that taking drugs until I suffer from a seizure is cool, I'm not going to pin that criticism on him.

If you listen to a Wayne song and are inspired to start doing stupid ****, that's a choice you make.
It's still promoting something though. That's my point. Whether you choose to do that thing he's singing about is up to you.

Case in point: My friend's little brother was drinking something a few years back that he called "sizzurp" It was cough syrup mixed with vodka and sprite. I said, "Damn dude the **** you doing that for?" and he said, "You never heard Lil Wayne's song? This **** is dope."

Now I know as far as anyone knows I could be making that up, but I'm telling you, I'm not. My friend's little brother is stupid for doing that. He's stupid for listening to a rapper and trying to do what the rapper does. Since then, he still does. He buys hats, pants, all kinds of stuff that rappers wear, it's insane. I've never been that way, in fact, I don't even buy things because of commercials, but a lot of people do and that's why we have advertising campaigns with Britney Spears drinking Coca Cola or Michael Jordan wearing Fruit of the Looms. It's all the same thing.

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