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03-19-2013, 10:55 PM
NHL is rigged
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
It shouldn't really amaze anybody. When a team trades away a guy like Rick Nash everybody with a contract thats left knows they are fighting for their very jobs in town and that the team is in tank mode anyway and are desperate to try to remain with jobs.

When you know the org is in rebuild and its burn it down time you try not to be one of the casualties. Bet theres a lot of players in Columbus playing scared and looking over shoulders right now.

When a 38yr old Vinny Prospal is leading your team you've got a VERY BAD team. A depressing lineup actually.
I completely agree with their team. It is terrible, but thats what i'm getting at. That team is doing a lot more with a lot less. The Oilers should realistically smoke the blue jackest. Our teams shouldn't even be on the same level, we're what coming up on year 4 of the "rebuild"? they're in year one and it appears that they are going to give us a run for our money.

If they tank and crash, which a definite possibility then they will be doing what was expected. Whereas the Oilers seem to struggling to get out of the basement. I don't think its out of line to expect us to be doing better then Columbus at this point.

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