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03-20-2013, 12:08 AM
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Warning: I'm posting a Botchford tweet again. U don't like? Don't read

Tweeter: What's your % of Lui being here in 2 weeks? Still at 5%?
Botch: why would I change just when things are getting cooking again?
Tweeter: single dish cooking or multiple?
Botch: TO watches everything. Washington. There are things going on, for sure

Did Washington just enter the Luongo sweepstakes?

Reminder: Botchford a tool. That we can all agree on. But he was the ONLY person who said there were 2 other teams in the Luongo sweepstake before the lockout started. Since then we found out it was Edm and Philly. So.... he may be a tool... but he had 1 thing right.

Edit: Also, GM's meetings tomorrow. Friedman said Gillis is taking his whole scouting staff. That seems kind of odd. But considering there's 'rumors' the Luongo chatter is heating up - maybe it's not so surprising.

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