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Originally Posted by nwpensfan View Post
You are right we do not know enough but your scenario is just a guess and it only considers ETZ ownerships reasons for pushing for realignment now. What about WTZ owners concerns? My guess is they would prefer Phoenix to stay in the west for travel reasons. What about NHLPA concerns?

I admit that once realignment was approved I became much more optimistic that Seattle had a 'chance' for the Yotes to relocate here. Call it whatever you want (rose colored glasses) but I had no real strong hope before realignment process.

Your scenario seems to have a little of a slant towards the east but that is just my 'rose colored' view.
Thanks for the reply. I am going to try to be a little clearer here. I think that in the big picture alignment itself has little to do with what happens to Coyotes. In other words, I don't think the league would sell to Seattle BECAUSE it makes alignment easier. I think other, higher $$ factors, will actually sway the decision.

My post is more about "how do we read between the lines, and use the alignment as a way to guess what will happen." And, my answer to that is:

1) Let's assume it's PHX>>SEA, and all the owners know it. Then, this alignment makes sense.


2) Let's assume it's PHX>>QUE, and all the the owners know it. Maybe the ETZ owners, knowing that QUE is going to be an ETZ team (again, not BECAUSE of realignment, but rather the way everyone responds to it) are trying to get theirs while they can. This also makes sense. It would be a reasonable response to push for realignment NOW in this case. If I were a Western owner, it would make no difference to me now or later (again, assuming I know PHX>>QUE).


3) Let's assume no one knows anything. Then, I think the reason for doing the alignment now is that Winnipeg shouldn't be in the SE, and the schedule maker wants to get going. And, since PHX might just be in PHX again (we don't know anything, remember), we'll do it now. This also makes sense.

So, conclusion: I can't use the realignment process as any clue to the Coyotes' situation. It's interesting, but it is inconclusive in and of itself.

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