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03-20-2013, 12:07 AM
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Schneider was Godlike. Amazing bad luck on the goals against.

Blues made their own luck on the goals against. 3rd period was all dump-and-don't-chase for the Canucks...SO maddening. This sit back and let them come again and again and again **** is just mind-boggling. It's like they want the other team to come back and win in the end. One of these days it should really occur to AV that the best defense is a good offense. Remember that "modeling themselves after the Red Wings" jazz? Well, here's something the Red Wings figured out long ago: if you don't give the puck to the other team, you don't have to play defense.

Schroeder with a great game. Should bloody well get a shot with offensive players. *this is a recording*

Kassian gone again, Tanev gone. NOT good developments.

Wiese with his one good game in every 20 or 30.

Hamhuis needs therapy, or rehab, or training, or a brain transplant or something. If he's not playing hurt, something's seriously wrong with him.

Bieksa's also nothing to write home about right now. Watching cooly while the play goes sailing by him most of the time tonight.

1 good period out of 3. Not liking that, but we pulled it out anyway.

Honey Badger and MayRay with strong games.

Garrison also very solid.

Edler less so.

Ballard...well, no spectacular ****ups that caused goals against tonight. Having trouble remembering why I was advocating playing him over Alberts or *shudder* Barker.

Sedins were in Globetrotter form with the puck. Not to nitpick, but would have liked to see a little less dispy-doodle and a little more puck in the net. I know, I know...

Booth is terrible, Kassian is terrible, we have no prospects and it's all the GM's fault, we're losing more than winning and it's all the coach's fault, we suck, have all the players chemically castrated, etc etc etc.

Victory. w00t.

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