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Originally Posted by halligan10 View Post
Killion I was born and raised in Quebec... You sure know the neighborhood in Tampa
Yes, Im aware of that, just messin with ya... and yes, Tampa, Quebec City.... Miami... Anchorage... San Diego... Halifax... Texas... Tennessee... North & South Carolina...

Originally Posted by Mork View Post
Phoenix has been a dead loss financially, and as CF and so many others have ably pointed out the franchise value in situ seems to be less than zero.
Well, no, you see, thats the beauty of Garys diabolical plan. The price in situ just keeps going up & up as loses mount, raising average franchise values as a result. So. If the average NHL franchise is valued at (Forbes) $200M, if he hangs tight for another season or two, the asking price should be up around $250M or so by 2015. As they bought & have been operating the franchise on a LOC, apparently not even concerned enough to have withdrawn the $20M still sitting in escrow since June 2012 and to which they are fully entitled, then how bad can it be? Whats your rush? Just let the meter run. They'll get their money in 2015, when QC, Seattle come on-line, maybe someone buys the team locally in the interim, got it covered, and meanwhile, despite zero expenditures on advertising, promotions, media relations etc, attendance is up.... God I love this Country. Merica and Canada.

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