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Originally Posted by Puhis View Post
God damnit, Avder.

With NHL 13, GTA IV, Fallout: NV, Civilization V and other stuff, I thought I wouldn't have time for this. Oh well. Installed the NAM and industrial job mods as well. Actually, I've never made it that far before in Sim City. I guess some time off the game, the mods and some patience as well as reading your posts actually helped.

I know it's not a large city yet, but I just started playing like an hour ago or so. I really need to grab some sleep now, the sun is already rising.
You should also look into a slope mod. It makes the roads look a lot better by getting rid of that roller-coaster effect. (see bottom left of your pic) As a side effect it can sometimes make it infuriating to build even the simplest thing. Occasionally it gets so bad that I quit, remove the mod, re-start, build what I wanted, quit again, and reinstall the mod. because you know, sometimes I just want the damned thing to build and I dont care how it looks. function over form and all that, but I really like things to look nice too.

Anyhoo, a picture of the largest city in my 21,000,000 sim region:

Some tips (at least if you want a huge, gridded out city like this):

Use roads for pretty much everything except dead-end streets. Ignore the city planner when he begs you to stop upgrading streets.

Every couple of blocks, use an avenue. With NAM installed, the sims will tend to use the higher capacity arterials a lot more than without it, so its good to designate the routes you want used ahead of time, before your city gets really big.

Put a bus stop on every corner. No, seriously. I have a bus stop on every single intersection in that city. Actually, its a combination bus stop/subway. But using it ahead of time allows you to take advantage of the bus network until you can afford to install and maintain an actual subway network.

Get to know the NWM networks. They kill congestion in a big way. In particular that TLA-3 and 5 are great to use in place of congested roads and avenues. And if congestion gets really bad and you can stomache demolishing one tile along an avenue/TLA-5 to upgrade to a three tile road, the TLA-7 is the magnum option.

Once you have demand for cleaner industries like manufacturing and high tech, set the tax on dirty to 20%. Some of it will natually convert upwards to manufacturing, but at some point you should de-zone, let the pollution clear up, and re-zone it to allow it to be built a lot cleaner. And if you want high tech to build you need to minimize manufacturing as well. Basically treat high tech like high wealth residential. That means parks every so often, away from main roads, and very far away from anything that creates pollution.

Lets see what else...

Dont go crazy on services. The only service your city absolutely has to have is fire protection, and thats mostly so you dont have to keep putting out fires manually all the time. The next service should be schools. Use the large elementary school. Be sure to set the bus funding to zero. Putting them in when you are using low density may sound excessive because you'll only have a few students in each of them, but once you start upgrading in density you will be glad you have them in place.

Libraries and museums are good for educating older sims.

In fact, if you are dirt poor and cant afford anything, take out the school and put in a library. Your EQ will increase at a much lower rate, but it will keep increasing.

As a matter of fact, if you are going to build a city full of slums (of which my region has many), you can get away with just elementaries and libraries, and your poor people will eventually reach a 200 average EQ. Some museums help a bit too.

Anything else just ask.

Also, you may notice something interesting about all the buildings in my picture...or rather the buildings that aren't there.

Also, google the industrial/high-tech census fix. There's a bug in the original game that makes it so high wealth sims never work at high tech, when high tech is supposed to employ 10% high wealth. It's a considerably more involved installation process, so make sure you find the tutorial on it and follow it precisely, or you could screw something up bigtime.

Also, dont get too crazy about filling various demands for industry. Industry has a very low jobs-per-tile ratio, so you actually want to minimize it. In the end, your big employer type will be the offices, as both high wealth and mid wealth offices can provide thousands of jobs per building with high density, high-stage buildings. My richest city has over 2 million office jobs in it, and only 95,000 high tech jobs.

Anything else, just ask.

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