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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
No, it made a sizable difference.

Ohio's been hammered by the recession, just as Ohio gets hammered in every recession. When a lot of people are struggling and a lot are just starting to get back on their feet, the following happened:
- A poor 2011-12 season
- The looming threat of a season-ending lockout, which prevented people from actually looking at snapping up season tickets
- The All-Star Game actually being cancelled, which was basically throwing gasoline onto an already-burning fire that the venom of the lockout was creating

As soon as the lockout ended, training camp began and was completely packed. The passion for hockey never left; it's a classic case of not financially supporting something out of protest.

(Does anyone mind if I keep hanging around this thread? I promise to be least until someone utters "the R word")
I will say I read the Blue Jackets forum more than I care to admit during the Nash and Howson firing and you among others were some of the most informed well written thoughtful posters I've read in a long time. IMO you would be welcome here whenever you wanted. At least until I start pushing Belanger +2nd for a playoff push.

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