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03-20-2013, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Krut View Post
That's impossible to say because we don't know what happens if he doesn't allow the goals that he should save. A goal against changes a lot of things that can affect the outcome, not just the number on the board.
And just to add... If a goal "changes a lot of things", what you are really saying is that our 18 non-goalie oilers on any given night are too fragile to maintain composure and concentrate after a bad goal... Isn't that exactly what you are accusing Dubnyk of?

I can tell you... These young, offensively focused oilers (who have scored at an alarmingly low rate this year) would be an incredibly difficult team to play for... It also isn't easy for a goalie to keep focus after you see your teammate blow coverage again, or be too lazy/head in the clouds to chase on the backcheck.

I'm saying this team would make P Roy hang himself... We need a G Fuhr type B guy and Dubby is doing just fine in a very difficult role.

That said, a type A, high strung, highly competitive prospect goaler would be a perfect complement to Dubs.

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