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Originally Posted by alphafox View Post
I hesitate to say this, but at this point I think we're looking at 3 picks between 10-20.

We may or may not make the playoffs, but we're sure to be a first round exit, as we would have to play one of CHI or ANH. I would bet that LA & NYR will be first round exits as well given the competition they likely will have to face.
We are not "sure to be a first round exit" by any means. We're only 4 points out of the 6th playoff spot with a lot of the teams ahead of us to play each other. For instance
-Det(7th) has to play Pho(9th) 3 more times, Ana & Chi 2 more times.
-SJ(8th) still has 2 games vs. Det, L.A., & Pho.
-St. Louis is currently at 5 and they have 3 games vs. Chicago, 2 vs. Min, & 2 vs. those those mean S.O.B'

Now look at our schedule. We have 18 games left with 8 of those vs. teams below us in the standings. Of the 10 that aren't we got 2 vs St. Louis, 2 vs. SJ, & 2 vs. Min who we are within 4 points of(Min leads their division, but that's beside the point) That's 14 very easily winnable games and that doesn't even take into account the "surprise" wins we could get from Ana, LA, or Van.

Even if we did end up as the 7th or 8th seed, doesn't mean we can't "pee" on everybodies wheaties. Ask LA what a hot goalie can do for you in the playoffs.

I also don't see LA going out in the first round either. Right now they are slated to play the Blues. That's LA in 5 at most. Now most likely they'll have to go to Chi in the second round which I'd agree they will bow out hopefully screaming and with the whiny B sucking his thumb in corner crying.

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