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Originally Posted by Mork View Post
I liked the Phoenix Globetrotters idea best. Not that it would ever work, but it's funny and imaginative!
In keeping with this theme of out-of-the-box ideas, I'd like to propose my own:

Phoenix 2.

Stay with me here.

You'd bookend expansion to 32 teams with Toronto 2 and Phoenix 2. The new Phoenix franchise gives the Coyotes a $50 million territorial fee, that vital new source of revenue the Coyotes have been looking for. Where does the new team get that kind of money, you ask? Duh! They sell the parking rights to their new arena to their host city - there's even a study that proves this works! And someone's got to manage that new arena, right? I'm told there's a lot of money in that racket, at least if you're in the right city.

The new Phoenix team might do well to spend a bit of that surplus to buy Joyce Clark a home in whatever city they land in - Scottsdale, Mesa, Apache Junction - and then bankroll her run for city council or mayor. I'm told there's pretty some good money in that racket, too.

The league says it has "multiple" "interested buyers" in this concept. They're not naming names yet, to give these "investors" maximum freedom to pursue their options. But they expect a tentative deal will be announced by summer, and if not by then, absolutely no later than early fall.

Move more teams north? Heck no. Double-down on your Sun Belt strategy, Gary. If Toronto can support two teams, the Valley can!

Phoenix 2. You heard it here first.

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