Thread: Speculation: 2013 NHL Entry Draft
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03-20-2013, 05:22 AM
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Originally Posted by angry_treefrog View Post
Winning equals sales.

Winning with an exciting team with a potent offense equals more sales than winning with a team that shuts opponents down for 2-1 wins... especially in a market that has been ruined by a decade of failure.

More sales = more profits = (hopefully) a team that actually spends close to the cap

If Tallon thinks Jones walks on water and is head and shoulders above the next guy on his list - draft him - no brainer.

If there are three guys bunched up with Jones ahead by a hair - go for the forward.
Winning is winning. It's by far the most important factor. This idea that draftin Jones makes us a dull hockey team is bizarre. You're capable of looking into the future and knowing this? Jone's is an exceptional talent in both ends of the rink.

The bolded somewhat illustrates my point. Don't dick around with decisions based on illegitimate reasons like this. Make the best decisions to win. How you win ain't really the issue.

It's like a man who hasn't had sex for 15 years. Occassionally gets a few medicore offers, but is waiting for that super model to plough. It's unlikely to happen, he's approaching later stages of potential mating life ... but hey, SCARLETT, I'M WAITING.

You're more sales = more profits is the most crude basic useless analysis one could make. I'm afriad my three wishes can't be used for a thousand wishes.

I should note that i prefer taking a Forward too, but not because it might have a small bump in merchandise sales down the road. Draft who you believe is the best player. End of discussion, frankly.

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