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03-20-2013, 06:28 AM
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Originally Posted by roseyc View Post
We don't know what is said by the players in the lockeroom. But when Management lets Suter walk away or let him go down to the deadline. Players are human they know that Poile is not addressing the team needs. Maybe Trotz doesn't won't an offensive player.u He wants to win his way and as long as see know threat to his job by Poile then he see no need to change. I watched hockey a long time but for once I would like to see what a real scorer would do for this team. Not a over the hill Forsberg or enigmatic AK or a head case in Radulov or a Fisher who placed in the wrong role as a scorer when he's not . They know that Weber is frustrated and come game time no matter what kind of money he's making he wants a real chance at a cup. The words have may gone deaf on the players ears. The fact is we don't know. We know that the Trotz words are deaf to our ears.
FWIW, GMDP didn't let Suter walk or let him go down to the deadline, those were choices made by Suter. I feel confident Poile would have been more than happy to have re-signed Suter early on. Poile's biggest folly was taking Suter at his word that everything would work out. I remember a short-lived thread here about a fanboy experience with Lindy where Lindy initially said that he was almost 100% sure that Suter wasn't re-signing. If the players thought that, then Poile should have had an inkling as well.

All that aside, fact is our team is just playing bad hockey this season, same as some other teams around the league. **** happens.

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