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08-03-2006, 11:58 AM
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A scathing opinion on the Blues signing by St.Louis sports talk show host John Hadley

MARTY AND PETR: What do Martin Rucinsky and Petr Cajanek have in common?

Three things come to mind… they’re both Czechs; they’re both underachievers and members of the St. Louis Blues. The facts that both can disappear for extended stretches, have questionable playoff resumes are other similarities conjured in the cranium.

Blues management attempted to sell the signing of Petr Cajanek based on his supposed magical alliance with Keith Tkachuk. After presenting the facts in a previous writing… I think it’s safe to say that wasn’t the case.

Among the spin on the Rucinsky signing is the fact that he knows Cajanek well. Isn’t that special… makes one want to burst out in chorus… all together… We are the World, We are the People.

Sure they know each other very well. It was Rucinsky that told Cajanek on several occasions never play unless you’re 100 percent. It was Rucinsky that annoyed his teammates literally talking Cajanek from playing in a game when he didn’t feel well. Based on Cajanek‘s play, maybe he misunderstood Rucinsky… did he interpret his good buddy to say, “Never play 100 percent
The Blues committed nearly $5 million over two years to a player that, save one series, has never produced in the playoffs. They committed nearly $5 million over two years to a player that hasn’t scored 20 goals since the 2000 season and has never scored more than 60 points in a season. They spent nearly $5 million on a player that has won how many Stanley Cups? They spent $5 million on a player that will stimulate enough tickets to maybe fill a row of seats.

On the flip side, had they been aggressive with Brendan Shanahan on the front end offering a two-year $6-to-6.5 million deal… he might have signed on the dotted line.

Of course, Shanahan has scored 30 or more goals every year since 1998 save three seasons (28, 25, and 20 in the shortened 1995 season). Maybe Blues management thought Shanahan had already maxed on Stanley Cup rings? Maybe Shanahan would sell too many seats hence proving problematic for the walk-up customers?

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