Thread: GDT: Renewing the Rivalry
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03-20-2013, 07:33 AM
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I am pissed we lost. Shades of the lame duck PP versus NYR emerge... almost.

It was a great night to move up in the standings. **** next year. George will remain in charge, so expect next year to be the same or worse. I think it will be clear next year, that this year and its fragile flawed team gives us a better chance to get into the playoffs, over next years.

All the holes you see this year will be there next year. 1LD, a hole at 2C will re-emerge in all likelihood. Our Gs will still be young. Sarge will still be the priority, but the other Dmen will still be learning. quickly shown up by a callup. Green will miss half the games, same stuff. And our division is going to cause us much pain.

At least Oleksy continues to show well. He has been on for a ton of goals of late, but not in glaring gaffes of his sole doing. And he is making the other Dmen look very very limited in what they bring to the table. Its kind of sad and exposes George's lame duck defense even more, that a career minor leaguer nobody is showing better then our core. It was no big deal for Nyco to show well when our defense was a complete joke. This is George's Cup defense now, that he is showing up. It's not fighting either, it's just basic stuff. Shooting. Passing, Hitting. Engaging. Smart crisp first pass. Hustling. At least trying to bring a complete game, and showing flashes of one.

Sure am glad collagen lips hit the post.

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