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03-20-2013, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by nona weisbaum View Post
Here is the problem with placing this loss on Moose. It completely ignores just how piss poor the Devils defensive coverage was last night. I just read TG's recap of the game and it was a big topic in the post. Whether it's the lack of scoring, this team can't defend for **** a good deal of the time. Losing sucks and I can't stand it as much as anyone, but there are different ways to lose and the Devils are finding really ugly ways to do it. When you work as hard as they do and have zero results to show for it, something is very very wrong and it isn't called bad luck.

The Rangers generated 22 shots last night and for large stretches they didn't do a damn thing out there. But they still could have easily walked away with 6 or 7 goals. Take the game winner for example, how many times was Nash completely wide open during this game? All of the open looks in front of Hedberg? It was awful.

I'm happy to see Marty back as well but I'm not getting my hopes up. In terms of stopping the puck, I don't see how anything will change vs. Hedberg being in there tbh. Marty will definitely help with the breakout and puck moving, but I just don't see how much of a difference he'll make if the team plays the same way in front of him as they did for Hedberg.

Hedberg has definitely had some shaky moments over these last 13 games, but the dude rarely got any help whether it be from a solid defensive effort or goal support. I just think he's an easy excuse for a currently very mediocre lineup that is constantly finding ways to lose games.
Spot on. The shot total doesn't tell the whole story. Coverage was spotty at best, to downright awful at worst. Way, way too many open looks for the Rangers all game.

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