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08-03-2006, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by BigCanada77 View Post
I dont know I've said all i can to relay my opinion, but one thing still bugs me about you're argument. You're thinking it as Hall replacing Prucha while I dont think we're replacing anyone, simply utilizing our resources in weaker areas.
You ARE replacing Prucha on the 2nd line with Hall. A 30 goal scorer with a 14 goal scorer. It does not get more real-life than that.
A little real life example.
I get your example but NHL hockey does not work that way. Prucha netted 30 goals, 16 of them on the PP & 14 at ES. Hall netted 14, 4 at ES & 10 on the PP. Those are all the numbers that you need to look at. Playing Prucha less at ES than Hall simply makes no sense. As I said, that would be like Colorado demoting Hedjuk following his rookie year. Or the Devs moving Gionta to the 3rd line to spread the scoring out. Or (back to the Avs) do you think that there is ANY chance of Svatos skating anywhere but on the top-2 lines? How about San Jose? You think that Chechoo is going to start the year on the 3rd line? Those are organizations that have been developing players for years, unlike the Rangers.

It is just the natural order of things. A rookie lights the lamp for 30 goals (and it would have been even more than that if he did not get least 35 or so). The natural progression is to have him be the incumbent on the top-2 lines. That is the way that it goes. To demote him, following such a year is to go against the grain of conventional ways of developing players. Not to mention that such a fine reward would do wonders for his confidence. The kid was the best goal scorer on the team not named jagr. He scored MORE PP goals than Shanny last year. Not to skate him on the 2nd line (even if it is on the off-wing) is simply ludicrous.

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