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Originally Posted by Mats86 View Post
Must be mistakes in there because on Fuhr trade Montreal beat Buffalo out of playoffs in 1993. Not by Boston in first round. I'm quite sure because '93 was our last Cup. I can remember Carbonneau scoring in overtime against Fuhr.
Good catch, that shows the risks of relying on Wikipedia for quick fact-checking. I looked again, and you're right: the Sabres were beaten by Montreal in the second round. I've corrected that in my article.

Originally Posted by Mats86 View Post
It was '82 not '81 Canucks went to Finals. Quite sure because that was the white towel waving spring. Toronto lost lot of playoff grit and heart in Williams trade. No doubt inspired by Roger Neilson who seen Tiger in that role in remarkable playoff series during 1970s. Upset of Islanders in '78 and famous battles with Flyers in mid-'70s. Wouldn't be in my top Leafs trade.

Little bit similar to Wendel Clark trade. Team was never the same after that, traded their heart. Gave up a lot in toughness and playoff grit.
This one was strictly a typo; thanks for pointing it out. Corrected. No matter how heart-and-soul a player may be, the most successful NHL teams are the ones that acquire assets at low points and trade them away before their value diminishes. Williams' value had peaked, while Vaive was barely getting started (never mind Derlago). Trading Tiger Williams set off a huge chain of trades that impacted the Leafs for 20+ years: Williams - Vaive - Olczyk - Ellett - McCauley/Smith/Sullivan. Meanwhile, Williams was dealt for Rob McLanahan, and the trade became a dead-end for Vancouver within a few years. Never mind the fact that Vaive scored 50+ goals three times; the only players to do that for Vancouver were Bure (3x) and Mogilny (1x). And it is the same with Clark, no matter how much heart he provided, he couldn't drive the team to greater levels of success. Sundin WAS the core of the Leafs for nearly 15 years, and got them to the conference finals twice. Tough trades to swallow as a fan, but 100% worth it.

Originally Posted by Mats86 View Post
I'm don't know Leafs much but to me best trade all time I would say be Gilmour trade. That was ridiculously lopsided. In top 5 I would put Plante trade. A great season, then flip him for Turnbull was a steal. Kicker was he really matured Parent. Leafs dealt Parent before they knew what they had but that was a separte trade.
I completely get your point about the Gilmour trade. It was lopsided, and gave the Leafs two key components (Gilmour and Macoun) at virtually no cost while turning the franchise from a laughing stock into a legitimate playoff threat. But I still feel Gilmour's impact was just too short-lived to put that deal above the Sundin trade. And I WISH the Leafs had held on to Parent; you put him in net for the '78 Leafs instead of Palmateer and that team MIGHT have been good enough to beat the Canadiens and Bruins that year.

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