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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
CBJ fan who's actually coming in peace. My old user title was "The Last Howsonite", and I still stand by it.

When Howson got to Columbus, there was nearly no actual NHL talent on the roster. The only guys under 30 who were on the roster and productive were Rick Nash and Nikolai Zherdev. Someone named Duvie Westcott was a top-4 defenseman. If a forward went down, the first three names on the call-up sheet were one of Steve Goertzen, Geoff Platt, or Alex Picard. If it was a defenseman, Derrick Walser. If it was a goalie, prayer was a good option because there never were any goalies around.

There was massive dead weight to deal with. A ton of guys were over 30 and way past their primes, there were bloated contracts galore, and there was nothing resembling a farm system.

In one year of Howson, the team had their best season in history to date. In one more year, they were in the playoffs. The roster turnover was massive and nearly immediate. The quality of drafting skyrocketed. Actual NHL prospects could be called up, some of whom (gasp) had actually been picked later than the first round.

I don't care if 50% of CBJ fans think he sucked. I don't care if 75% do. I don't care if 99% do (and there were those who said 99.64% thought that he did). He did a hell of a lot better job here than anyone would give him credit for.

If Edmonton were to can Tambellini and put Howson in...let's just say that it would make me very happy to not be playing the Oilers more than twice a season. Give him as much of a head start on the NHL roster as what you have right now? As a non-Oilers fan, I do not relish that's frightening.
... and he accumulated 3 first round picks in the 2013 draft which is supposed to be a deep draft.

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