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08-03-2006, 11:32 AM
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Adding to the pvc tube drill... Only use your lower hand to help support the weight of the stick or when making hard moves, all the puckhandling should come from your top hand.

As far as peripheral, all you need is to see movement and preferably color. If you watch and know what your teammates and other people on ice/roller are probably going to do then you can assume where the play is going.

For example, I was playing roller this past week and stole the puck from inside our zone. I know that there was two players in deep and one guy that I stole the puck from. In my peripheral vision I saw the other opposing player(to my right, the direction i was about to turn) and saw one of my teammates start streaking the other way(to my left, the opposite of the way i was turning). Knowing the general area of all the players on their team and the one on my team that I needed to know I made a soft no-look pass and hit him on his tape. Which led to a breakaway.

It's not soo much on how well you can see with your peripheral vison, it's the information you can decipher and put to use as quickly as possible.

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