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03-20-2013, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by chaosrevolver View Post
Pretty confident that Uriah is going to demolish Bubba.
Yeah, looking at the current bracket, I'd be surprised if it didn't turn out something like this:

Uriah Hall vs. Bubba Daniels
Josh Samman vs. Jimmy Quinlan
Colin Hart vs. Kelvin Gastelum
Luke Barnatt vs. Dylan Andrews (Easily the closest matchup, though)

I'd assume, then, that the next two matches would be
Uriah Hall vs. Colin Hart
Josh Samman vs. Luke Barnatt

Leaving the finale as Hall vs. Samman. Hall and Samman are already appearing in advertisements for NOS during TUF, and have gotten easily the most screen time. I'd be shocked if they weren't the final two. Pretty happy about that, because it's a compelling matchup between two guys who could actually make waves in their decision.

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