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03-20-2013, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by les Habs View Post
Nice win against Rayo. Rayo had a shout for a penalty at 0-0. While I didn't watch the replay more than twice, tough to call. One angle looked a possibility, the other not at all. Contact would have been very minimal at best and Chori Dominguez looked like he milked it. Anyway, Barça should have had at least 5 goals and probably more, still the three goals were nice. Liked the counterattacking and it's something the team should have been excelling at for some time now. First goal was nice with Messi's touch past the Rayo player and Villa's finish. Second was largely Messi's finishing. Third with a great finish by Messi.

Messi had a good match. Villa definitely looks good in the side and he should be keeping his place right now. Iniesta was the main creative outlet and a nice match. Cesc on the other hand was AWOL. Tough seeing Adriano go out as we start to get thin in FB depth, but Dani is a proven iron man and Alba seems the same.

Full credit to Rayo for their approach to the match. Match never felt out of control, but they definitely show more ambition and looked better for it than some of the more expensive opponents we've faced recently.
It's almost as if he doesn't want the ball, which I know is not true. I think he needs to back track a little more to open things up for himself, but then again I'm no Tito.

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