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03-20-2013, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by NothingLikeAnEJ View Post
I can always tell the people who have never played a game of competitive hockey in their lives by the way the openly root for the team to lose. You guys don't understand what a culture of constantly losing does to a team. It ruins players.
Sorry but I do not buy it. Not one bit. To me it sorry is ********.
The organisation and coaching staff sets the tone of a franchise.
And our current culture is a culture of losing.
A meaningless 3 game winning streak will not change that fact.
And how do we change the current setup? By losing.
Sacco will survive finishing 19th. The chance that he survives a top3 pick are significantly lower.

We have drafted for leadership and character the last few years.
And we still have a "losing" mentality going on. Winning meaningless games does nothing but hurt this organisation.
Yes we have to start winning sooner or later. But we won't under Sacco. So what is the point of finishing 21st instead of 29th?
Do you really believe that changes the mentality of our players?
Do you really believe that breeds a winning mentality? Under freaking Sacco?

Most succesful teams go through a losing period.

And yes I will openly root for them to lose right now.
Why? Because it is the only thing that benefits us longterm...
And it is not like you or me have any impact whatsoever on the outcome of any game.

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