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03-20-2013, 09:48 AM
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Haha holy, if you're not playing this game because you think it's the same old childish Tomb Raider, you need to reevaluate it immediately. This game is freaking awesome and about 200x more visceral / intense that I thought it would be. The entire first leg I think my heart rate was at like 150.

I also agree with Kotaku; the bow is awesome, especially on PC. Aiming / firing / strafing at the same time has never been smoother / easier.

Love it thus far; only wish is that they expanded the armor / loot. The salvage system and weapons upgrades are cool, but I'd love if they added more peripherals like a Zelda game. For example, an upgradeable body armor, better lighting tools (torch > spelunker helmut > LED something or other). Salvage points are important because the upgrades are cool / useful, but the game really lacks the "Hmm I wonder what is in this chest / crate / etc." that really enhances the loot experience. I'd love to find a pair of new combat boots that enhances speed/evasion by 10% or a cloak that improves stealth or whatever.

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