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03-20-2013, 09:58 AM
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Obryantj, good catch on the International Cups not being scheduled! Hopefully my opponent doesn't notice

Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post
Looking at my team's representation on the NTs; LM stands out for its lack of representation. I'm guessing that Seay is too old for serious consideration, but I may mention him to Runnyonion anyways. I'll probably try to make a serious splash at LM or CF this season.
"My team is good, but my LM and CF aren't on National Teams, so I'm going to buy someone who is." You suck

I also have a few guys on the NTs. McCready is the only one on the Senior team now. Looks like Shipp has been claimed by the U20 team. Ooh. He's tops on the team in OR.

Surprisingly Stamper, the Mid that we've all decided I've trained poorly, made the U20. UF Colt Diaz is also in there. I wonder how he compares to the other forwards? Hmm, nevermind. He won't start. He's 26th on the team in OR. He might get some friendly time.

I also have two guys on the U17 team. Both were pulled as Mids, but I converted them to forward because they had the Qs and were 5/6. One of them might be good enough to start. I also expect Coates to be called up at some point. If redcard decides to add 16yos. He's got really good Qs and can play inside or outside D.

And of course my pull Matt Hernandez is on the team, too. And still 6/6 at 17yo. Sold for a measly 12M to Obryantj. Eff me.

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