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03-20-2013, 10:03 AM
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Haven't even been here an hour and already looking forward to getting out, before I punch my boss in the face.

First thing I hear from him when I walk in is him *****ing about an email he saw from a prospective customer... who emailed twice last night, *****ing about how she hadn't received a response. She emailed and called 5 times last night, all between 11-11:45PM last night. You want to turn this into a 24 hour hotline, you answer the ****ing cell phone line and the emails, but I don't get paid beyond 5PM M-F, so you can go **** yourself or give me a nice pay raise if you want me answering calls when I'm not in the office.

Anyways, that's my rant for the morning. With this hangover, definitely was not in the mood to hear that first thing. Oh, not to mention he called at 10:02, wasn't by the phone, called him back at 10:04. Started *****ing again about not answering the phone... Christ dude, can I not take a dump while I'm not at work or you want my to answer the phone while I'm taking a dump and let the customers hear that? Get some ****ing perspective man...

Ok, now I'm done.

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