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03-20-2013, 10:08 AM
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Holy crap. I finally compared my team to the Boilermakers. I'm up **** creek. I just looked at one of his early games, so it could be worse. i don't want to look.

Here's the IGRs from the Atomics|Boilermakers:

**moved to the bottom**

Atomics are -60 in game rating points overall. That's only if I use my best players. I'm phasing out the 28 Mid to play the new acquisition who gets a 26igr. And the 23 Mid isn't really a starter. He's the 3rd option at CM. Stamper at 22igr gets the nod because he produces pretty well.

Maybe his team is a lot older? That might make me feel a bit better.

EDIT: Using the players above, the average ages are:
My actual starters avg 20.6yo.

Am I two seasons behind? Do I now have to compare OR for each player to make myself feel better? Ugh.

EDIT 2: Okay. I'm going away after this.

Here's our IGR, age & OR
25-20-1131 | 28-21-1178
25|28 exp
'Makers are +47, but I think Shipp has more wasted OR.


21 | 21.75
1025 | 1078
184|224 exp
That's surprising. Your defense is legendary. I didn't think it would be this close. Did I mess up the math? Hmm. Nope. It looks like it's your Midfield that's making your defense look so good.


21.25 | 23
1002 | 1155
165|335 exp
Not surprising. You do have one of the top Midfields. Things get slightly better using my preferred starters.
20yo avg
1036 avg OR
Experience plummets when using the preferred starters
132|335 exp


21.5 | 23
1131 | 1113
97|152 exp
This is surprising. I guess you have a huge edge in experience. Do I have to add exp to this? NO! Yep. Big edge in experience.

EDIT 3: I added the exp above. As expected, you're killing me there. Damn. Your Midfield is insanely experienced. Your defense is pretty good too, but adding Keen to the lineup really knocks them down.

Your team is quite good.

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