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03-20-2013, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by pb1300 View Post
J17...15 years buddy?

I think BPA should be the way to choose, but if there isnt a huge difference between Jones and Mac, I would go the forward route, simply because we need help scoring. When we get closer to the draft though, with the #1 pick secured, and Jones has separated himself from the rest of the top prospects, then you have to seriously consider him.
Scarlett, Scarlett, what ya gonna do when i come for you.

I prefer the Forward option too, simply because i believe committee via defense is easier than scoring. It's easier with a good coach to have a sound defensive core assuming you have sufficient talent than it is to score goals. Plus, Forwards transition to the NHL historically easier than Defenseman. I think elite Forwards in a draft our simply a safer strategical bet.

Not to say Jones won't become the best player from this draft (Though how you define best is interesting in itself), and i'd be very happy to have him. It's really close, and hence tbh, i frankly am not particularly fussed who we take, since i believe the top 6 are all fantastic prospects. Plus, it's not my decision, so why worry!

BPA is impacted by your particular beliefs and models, but i agree. I simply don't agree with making picks based on who brings the biggest gate. I think that would be silly.

Side note ; TSN has a video where Mckenzie and Button both state that Nichushkin on ability is in contention for best Forward available in the draft. Quite interesting, and certainly adds credence to the idea that we have Jones and IMO 6 High end forwards that comprise the first tier of talent available in this draft. They did also state due to his contract with Traktor that he's a likely candidate to fall relative to his abilities. It's a rather shortsighted idea, frankly, given we're drafting 18 year kids who have 20 years of professional hockey ahead of them. Waiting 2/3 years wouldn't bother me if he's going to be a high end NHL player. Constantly amazed by rational and impatience of people in all walks of life. The Russian factor/, I.e the ability to lure them over to NA, is so overblown. Elite Russian players do come to North America. The flight risk is a bigger proble, than getting them here. Personally, the thing that worries me more about Nichushkin is alround offensive player ; hockey IQ and passing skills. Admittedly, i haven't seen that much of him to give a fair analysis.

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