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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
I've been one of Eller bigger fans/promoters the past few seasons, and yet I don't think I've ever seen him labelled as an "elite 3rd line C" until now, from myself included.

"2 top-4 dmen"...
I count only 1 dman in our top-6 that PG brought to the organization, unless you count Emelin, who was property of the team before he took over. while there was fear he'd decide to stay in Russia, signing a player who is team property & who decides he wants to play in the NHL isn't exactly a genius move...
but even if one grants that, Emelin/Diaz sit 4th/5th in TOI/G... FYI

& be honest now, were you singing the praises of landing "top-6 fwd" Bourque last spring?

he's had a good 17-game start to this year before getting hurt, but if you've followed his career at all, you'd know that he's notorious for looking like a solid top-6 player in stretches, and looking like a borderline NHLer at other times, as he did last year.

MB has had a few months to run the team, in that span he's made minor moves that have paid big dividends. Where Gauthier seemed completely oblivious to the impact/value of culture & environment in building his roster, MB seems to understand that finding the right mix is just as or more important than simply adding random pieces... and that character matters a ton, at every level of the organization.

- allowing room for young players to earn roster spots
- hiring a coach with the ability/willingness to hold veterans accountable & who appreciates the importance of emotionally managing his young players
- FINALLY bringing in a player willing to stick up for teammates & who can play regular minutes
- making moves that fit into a broader plan/vision, rather than playing EA sports GM and adding parts based on short-term needs & statistical "fits" (how else can anyone explain the Kaberle trade?)

MB has had a big impact without having to make big moves... and the team is making the most of the talent in the locker room.

under Gauthier's leadership, the team was playing well below expectations, and his bigger moves mostly blew up in our faces, leading to last year's season long cluster-*******

i haven't agreed with all of MB's decisions, but beyond the obvious compelling impact of the teams results and overall attitude, his decisions at least offer the kind of cohesion and consistency that was completely lacking under PG's watch.
I don't want to turn this thread into a Gauthier vs Bergevin, but as you said MB has turned this team into a contender without making any big moves. To me that says the core that Gainey and Gauthier built must have been pretty good. Gauthier wasn't a great GM by any stretch, but he gets way more hate then is warranted.

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