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03-20-2013, 10:34 AM
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As a California Seals fan, I made the transition to rooting for the Barons when they were moved to Cleveland. Felt a little sad for the move but since I didn't live in either city it didn't affect my rooting, which was always long-distance.

However, I couldn't make the shift to the Northstars because the Barons didn't move, they disbanded and the best players were picked up by Minnesota. So it didn't feel like my team anymore. Not that I had anything against the Stars, always liked them back in the day, had nice unis and were an original-six expansion team, what's not to like. But it just felt like I didn't have a team anymore and I wandered away from hockey. I hated the Islanders too and them having all that success didn't help either.

I did pick up interest in hockey again when the Sharks came along, kinda felt like the Seals all over again. I followed hockey up until 2000 then my interest completely fell off. Too many teams, too many things about the modern game that are not appealing to me. I remain an old codger who's only interested in old-time hockey...

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