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Originally Posted by hero View Post
- Korbi had to go down to make room. Jake will be at morning skate.
- His game has improved dramatically last two weeks, back to form and has been sustaining his excellent play for 4-5 games in a row.
- Last 5 games NHL group has had a hard time moving puck up ice for forwards, Gardiner fills that need.
- The freegardiner tweet, Jake had nothing to do with him, it didn't influence them, Jakes play influenced them. He's not our savior, he's just a very good young player. Can't expect too much from him, that's unfair.
- We weren't going to call him up because he played well last year, he had to play this year.
- Jake has a good head on his shoulders, he called this morning and said I'm happy to stay in the AHL for as long as I need to. Need to keep him grounded, like Kadri. Both good guys but both have some holes in their game to work on.
- [Was asked whats happened during the slid] It's been a mixed bag, loss in boston was their best game, no issue with that, the two games in pitts they played well, but shouldn't of been in positions to come back. 1st game in the peg was the worst of the year. Didn't out work anyone hat night. The loser points they picked up were character points, but need to play full 60 mins games, not 48.
- [Asked about slide last year, back of head] Human nature to look back, one difference, only 1 game with a poor performance though during this slide though, last year a lot of poor performances.
- [Deadline?] Going to be the mix of buyer or seller, will possibly be both. If we have extra forwards that we could package, we might move picks to bring guys in, depending whats out there. It's going to be very hard to make trades, not a lot of activity. I don't know what will be available, we have some UFA's we may move.
- If you're willing to move a pick for a rental? Why not just hang on to our own rentals and keep them for our run [in regards to keeping our ufa's]
- Will we move frattin/kadri for older guy? No. If we add a piece to get us in with out giving up those type of guys, then sure.
- Normal season, maybe agree with Burke on trading earlier that TD, but not this year for sure. Some high end teams are only willing to move prospects/pick, but can wait them out and maybe they'll move roster players.
- Both goalies have been good for stretches, what we thought would happen, we need more experience in the net. We're comfortable with these two, if we can improve the team in net, then we'll look at it.

Thanks buddy. Appreciate the effort

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