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Some odd comments to above:

I think Kontiola is currently the best centerman we have in Europe, so in case we don't get any from NHL, he should get the #1 job. Ramstedt, Lehterä, Kapanen or Immonen could all fit to 2C. Fringe pick: Ilari Filppula. Was pretty brisk in the LG Games, but needs to be in top form in playoffs or during the camp to have a shot.

I'm not too hot on Hytönen either, but he might be a solid fit for 4th line regardless - especially if Kapanen isn't interested or Jalonen wants him higher in the lineup.

With wingers, I pretty much agree with your assessment. You listed all plausible names and gave pretty accurate estimates on where they currently stand. Hard to see anyone making it outside that list.

On defense, I wouldn't name that many locks yet. Out of OD, Mäenpää and Niskala are seasoned enough to likely make it, but the remaining two slots are still up for grabs.

One guy you missed is Ville Lajunen. Did real good in LG games, and Jalonen has shown a habit for valuing guys who succeed there, such as Järvinen last year and Ville's brother Jani a year before that. I'd definitely put him out there before Hietanen ATM. The fringe pick: Teemu Eronen.

DD: Väänänen, Kukkonen are the familiars. Melart looks like he's making a case for himself, so I'd slot him for the 3rd best chance after those two.

Goalies, I don't know why you say Rämö wouldn't be interested, but if he isn't, Ahonen is the pretty clear 2nd choice out of those. Rämö's stats from this season are only marginally better than his.

For the rest, I guess Ortio, Tarkki and Vehanen could all have an equal shot, maybe Vehanen with a slight edge if he's still game. Experience becomes a thing that matters when there's no other way to make the distinction. What about Juha Metsola? Did get an EHT call and posted a shutout. Might have shot for the reserve slot at least, especially if no NHLers are available.

Out of said NHLers, it's certainly too difficult to say yet who might be available and who's not, given the unusual situation. Though I don't think we actually have too many likely options to begin with. Rask is playoff bound. Lehtonen might opt out because he did have a bad experience last spring. So that leaves Rinne, Niemi and Bäckström as plausibles. And it's far too difficult to say if any will be available.

I don't think the Ducks are willing to release Vatanen. He is a high profile prospect after all and just a right kind of injury away from call-up as it is. However, if Milwaukee doesn't make the AHL playoffs, Järvinen might be available.

Out of teams that might not make the playoffs, I wouldn't mind seeing Hartikainen and Leino. Härski wanted to come last year, but was sent to the Barons. Leino apparently got a bit miffed last year because he wasn't promised a direct roster spot last year but was offered a "tryout" instead. Timing doesn't make that possible this time and he might be willing to come, since it'd be a good shot to make a case for breaking the Olympic squad. But eh, far too early to say which team's in and which is out.

For Hytönen dislikers, Jani Lajunen might be an option for 4C if Peoria doesn't make it.

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