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Originally Posted by Manked View Post
Hey all new to this thread. About three weeks ago I stepped on a scale for the first time in over half a year, and I finally got scared. So scared that I haven't shared with anyone how much I weigh.

Anyways, I started counting calories, and essentially just got rid of late night snacking and I have lost 8.4 pounds in 3 weeks. I used to have atrocious eating habits, including almost 2L of Diet Coke a DAY. I also used to eat a full sized bag of chips on an almost daily basis. Quit both cold turkey, still no problem three weeks later.

I just wanted to share that with people. I also want to ask what people think of keto because everyone keeps telling me to try it. Despite me losing almost 10lbs in 3 weeks, I am still way over my suggested carb intake daily. Thoughts?
A lot of that could be water weight, considering you were eating a ton of high sodium food.

Just use simple eating habits coupled with calorie counting; don't eat processed foods, eat fruits/veges/meats/nuts/etc. From everyone I've seen talk about keto, it seems like the best way to have fat melt off you from a 'diet' perspective. I'm not really a fan of them since they consider fruits to be bad for you (unnecessary sugar intake), and I like fruits.

I've heard people saying food scales help a lot with calorie counting. Some new scales even have pre-programmed food types (hundreds), and can output the amount of calories that would be within what's being weighed.

These two websites can be used for meal planning/calorie counting. Both are made by the same person, "eatthismuch" is the newer iteration and requires a monthly fee after you use up the trial period. Neither tool is amazing, just a simple app that can give you some ideas about meal planning.

Here's the reddit thread from the guy who made eatthismuch:

I'd go so far as to imagine that you're quite sedentary, so start exercising. It doesn't have to be anything serious, just go for a 1hr walk a day, try to up your pace every so often. And if you have been sedentary, start a stretching routine, it will help down the road if you try to become more active. Or get a gym pass and use some of the low impact cardio machines, elliptical/bike.

Finally, go see your doctor even, get them to do blood work on you. They'll also check your bloodpressure (or do this yourself at any grocery store). This will give you a good baseline moving forward.

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