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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post

Fedorov had a 100+mph shot. Gretzky never came close to that. Despite being slightly bigger, Gretzky's shot wasn't even as hard as Yzerman's. Modano was about the same size as Gretzky and had a shot not far off Fedorov's level (clocked in the high 90s).
Gretzky - 6,1 185

Modano - 6,3 210

Yzerman - 5,11 185

Fedorov - 6,2 206

For starters, Modano is not the same size as Gretzky, Modano is much much bigger and for that matter so is Fedorov. So, whatever you're pushing, you have your numbers wrong again. Not the first time I have caught you fudging facts/stats while making a point in Fedorov's favor.

It is VERY debatable who had the better/faster slapper Yzerman or Gretzky. Both had very good slappers, probably about equal. And not much worse than Fedorov's, not sure why you are saying this.

And so damn what, that Fedorov had a faster slapper? Having that harder slapper sure didn't translate into a damn thing because he is no where close to having the offense of Wayne or Yzerman. Gretzky just about TRIPLED the amount of points that St Sergei had and Yzerman almost doubled him.

Fedorov isn't even on those two players offensive stratospheres and even Modano has more points/goals.

So, what did having that 100 MPH slapper do for Fedorov in comparison to these other players you mentioned? Not much!

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