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03-20-2013, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by JoemAvs View Post
All 4 of them could reasonably gone #1 over Yakupov last year.

I mean every prospect could bust but I try to be halfway realistic (not many top 5 picks completely bust anymore):

The floor for Jones is probably EJ in his current state (maybe a little worse). Maybe current Tyler Myers.

But when you look at EJ and Jones I see two very similar prospects. EJ just has not fulfilled the hopes put into him. A reasonable expectation for Seth is to be in the upper half of the #1 Dman in the league. Ceiling is probably Pronger without the meanstreak but with better offense. Norris caliber defenseman for the next decade or so.

Drouin is one of the most gifted players the Q has ever seen.
I think he compares pretty similar to Patrick Kane. He probably has the lowest floor because he simply lacks an NHL body right now.
He is very similar to RNH in that regard. But like with RNH his skills are undeniable. Most skilled forward in the draft by far IMO.
Ceiling is a better Kane or St.Louis or some one like that.

MacKinnon is probably the best skater in the draft and very well rounded. Has a pretty good shot from what I know. Very similar prospect to Duchene/Seguin IMO.
Floor should be a very decent 2nd line center. Realistically he is a slightly worse Duchene (albeit he has a better shot). Ceiling is probably close to the ceiling of Duchene (and who knows where that lies)

Barkov is a big bodied Center who plays amazingly in the best Finnish league. He is a horse. He can do it all.
His biggest flaw by far is skating. But that is to be expected at his age at his size. Floor is a very decent big 2nd line Center IMO.
It is really hard to judge him because the Finnish league is not that good but he certainly is a better prospect at this stage than Granlund was.
I think he realistically could be a decent #1 Center in this league. I would think that he is a slightly better prospect than Couturier was.
He should be pretty good defensively. I struggle to come up with a solid comparison. Better offensively than ROR/ Couturier but worse defensively? Something like that I guess.
His ceiling is probably a player similar to Ryan Getzlaf with better defense.
I'll eagerly admit that my exposure to anything non-NHL is very limited in Wyoming.

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