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03-20-2013, 11:24 AM
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If some of the more vocal posters on this board were "pro-Ennis" we would already have had three or four threads on how Ennis is getting fewer offensive zone starts than any Sabres full time forward sans Ott and despite that finishes in the offensive zone more than any Sabres forward with the exceptions of Foligno and Stafford. Or how his quality of competition is the best among Sabres top 6 forwards and despite this (and the d-zone starts) his goals against per 60 minutes is the lowest among Sabres top-6 forwards. Or how despite the heavy defensive responsibilities in a position and role he may not be best suited for he takes the least amount of penalties per 60 minutes of any forward on the team. Or when he's on the ice a putrid face-off team wins more than 55% of defensive draws. And despite the defensive role he's poorly suited for, he has 21 points in 29 games with garbage wingers at 23 years of age.

Instead, we get non stop conversation on topics like Noronen needing more starts, Drury's intangibles making him much more valuable than Briere, how a guy that will almost assuredly go down as one of the top 5 winningest coaches in NHL history is a complete buffoon, or whatever the next hot topic the geniuses on HF18 come up with.

The reality is the incompetent general manager is forcing him into a difficult spot and Ennis is actually doing pretty well with it all things considered.

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