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08-03-2006, 12:50 PM
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Some guys have already posted some pretty good stuff on here congrats!

As a player for ohhh 18 years now (11 on defence and 7 on forward) ive theorized and tested this topic quite alot. Theres too many areas to address so I'll try and focus on what I feel to be most important.

My conclusions~

1~ Skating with your head up- This is the most important thing you can do in the game of hockey. If you cant skate/stickhandle/deke without putting your head down you will never reach your potential. WHY? Because your potential is automatically being limited to your periferal vision. Think about expect to "see" the whole ice when your focus is on the puck?? No, sorry guys. You gotta use your focus on everything on the ice and your periferal vision for the puck only.

2~ Dont skate around the ice wishing for the puck- Always skate around the ice thinking about what your going to do WHEN you get the puck. Analysing the players around you and the ice is whats going to help you decide your "move". Sometimes deciding to be the passer is the best move. Giving up the puck because your check got on you quickly is a poor move. Instead you should have been making the give-and-go pass to your pal for the goal.

3~ Skate and Pass to open ice- Getting the puck and barging straight to the net will prove to be ineffective. Instead try skating to open ice. This buys you and your teamates more time to setup and create a play. This also debilitates the defences ability to read and react to the play, which will open up lanes/gaps for you and your team.

4~ Build your arsenal- These moves (toe-drags, spinoramas) that spezza, crosby, lecavlier...ect.. pull dont come out of nowhere. Practice these moves a couple at a time. Recognizing when its appropriate for what move is key. Once these moves become second-nature you will learn to setup the defenceman for your favorites.

5~ Practice- We all know it can suck sometimes. But practicing brings conditioning and confidence bot mentally and physically. Just do it, and do it half a$$ed stuff. Practice at home too. I usually do alot of shooting at home cause lets face it, theres not much else to do. Think about the angles and where your weight is going when you shoot. Theres alot of math and physics behind a good shot...just think about it

6~ Last tips- Going full speed isnt always the best. For one it forces the defence to do the same. Slow down...let the defence try to close the gap, then burst on him. Secondly you teamates will appreciate it. It allows them to become the guys who cut across the ice at full speed againt your slow checker. Make them part of the play. I hated being the guy making the break-out pass to the team mate going full speed. I'd have to go faster them him just to catch up to the play which doesnt make sence all of the time.

- Doing the obvious is well....obvious. Give your opponents some mental credit in their abilities to read a play. MIX IT UP.

- If your going to shoot then SHOOT. Too often do I see little wussy shots when they should be shooting to score. Shoot HARD and often. Wrist shots and snap shots included. Snap shots being my personal favorite.

Ill stop here for now unless anyone else is interested in my theories

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