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Originally Posted by BamBamCam View Post
So, what did having that 100 MPH slapper do for Fedorov in comparison to these other players you mentioned? Not much!
483 goals is a lot; particularly if you search among the 47 names above him all-time for someone that you consider anywhere near the same ballpark defensively, and even more so when you realize that he averaged 12 goals/year more than the next highest scoring Red Wing of the entire 90s, and doubled the point scoring in a Red Wings jersey of any of his famous linemates over the decade. These guys (Gretz, Lemieux, etc) trump Fedorov offensively obviously, and thus "overall", but again, look through those 47 names for all the Selke winners. How can we compare raw offensive output when the scoring environment around these guys was so different?

Yzerman: 336 goals
Fedorov: 301 goals (Yzerman -10%)
Kozlov: 182 goals (Fedorov -40%) *Played entire decade with Red Wings
Sheppard: 152 goals (Fedorov -50%) *only 5/10 seasons with Red Wings
Shanahan: 146 goals (Fedorov -51%) *only 4/10 seasons with Red Wings, 309 goals over his 9 years there

Yzerman: 870 points
Fedorov: 734 points (Yzerman -16%)
[Lidstrom: 496 points (Fedorov -32%)] *defenseman obviously
Kozlov: 377 points (Fedorov -49%)
Larionov: 282 points (Fedorov -62%) *only 5/10 seasons with Red Wings

Gretzky and Messier (the "1-2 punch" against which any top 2 centres from any decade are measured, essentially) don't even stand out from their highest scoring teammates to that degree during the '80s, which I consider food for thought:

Gretzky: 532 goals
Kurri: 474 goals (Gretzky -11%)
Anderson: 389 goals (Gretzky -27%)
Messier: 368 goals (Gretzky -31%)


Gretzky: 1532 points
Kurri: 1043 points (Gretzky -32%)
Messier: 937 points (Gretzky -39%)
Anderson: 841 points (Gretzky -45%)

And again, find enough Selkes to match with the 3 combined that Yzerman and Fedorov collected over the decade while still scoring the vast, vast majority of their team's points. The consecutive Cups it produced is hard enough to find/replicate as it is.

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