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03-20-2013, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by silvercanuck View Post
Where is this mid-season move fallacy coming from? They announced the new arena in March of 2012. They had the entire summer to work on a deal with a new arena in place. They could easily have moved the team to Quebec for this season and put this issue to bed.
i think the "fallacy" is coming from your own words ... "There is nothing holding the NHL to PHX right now. They could pack the team up and move them into the Colisee tomorrow ..."

sounds an awful lot like mid-season to me.

had you intended to say, 'prior to this season beginning' or 'after the 2011-12 season had ended', that would have been different.

oh, and edit to add: who is to say that the team hasn't already been sold? and that relocation plans are already actively underway?

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