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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
It depends on who is available and what the cost is. It doesn't make any sense to overpay if it leaves us in a slightly better position (Leopold for example) for the playoffs but weaker overall. If we don't get MG or WM back for the playoffs then we might have to rely on our kids plus DavisD more than we want to but I would rather do that then move a key young player for a slightly better rental.

I know that isn't what you are advocating at all, just pointing out that the only way I would make a move would be for a player who could either replace WM for next season as well as whatever we get out of them this year (if WM ends up falling off again) or if for a rental at a very cheap price.

Say if Leopold could be had for a player who is redundant for us (Richardson and a 7th) at a very low offer then I could see it. If not we might have to run what we brung to ovoid losing a big part of our future.

We have too many D as it sits and when MG/WM do come back something will have to give but that can wait.
A rental at a cheap price (preferably one on an expiring contract) is exactly what I was advocating. Somebody that has played some games so that they're not a fresh faced rookie, but is someone that wouldn't necessarily make you think twice if you scratched them as a 7th or 8th defenseman.

Right now the team has Martinez, Ellerby, and Drewiske playing musical chairs with the 5th and 6th pairings on defense with nobody out of that group really securing an everyday spot in the lineup with distinguished play. Because of a combination of injuries and inconsistencies they're all rather interchangeable at this point, which I don't bring up as a negative point.

As depth players there's not much variance in level of play among the three so whether one is inserted over the other doesn't noticeably impact the on-ice product. I'm sure you can agree that there are some depth players out there where it's obvious that they're a step behind the action and are a clear downgrade from the guy they are replacing and that's not the case here with those three.

Looking at experience you've got the following:

Martinez = 161 NHL games
Ellerby = 146 NHL games
Drewiske = 126 NHL games

Some players I did a quick look up on would be guys like this:

Kurtis Foster - 398 NHL games, age 31, $950,000 this season, UFA at end of season
Derek Meech - 136 NHL games, age 28, $700,000 this season, UFA at end of season
Chris Butler - 254 NHL games, age 26, $1,250,000 this season, RFA at end of season

None of them are world beaters, but they all have some game experience under their belts and shouldn't cost a boat load in terms of resources to acquire. They're all signed until the end of the season and the team can cut them loose after the playoffs if they so desire since they're intended to be a temporary insurance policy for the stretch run.

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