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Originally Posted by BamBamCam View Post
What is it with you guys and the Selke?

I appreciate all your research, but please stop trying to push that non-sense Selke down my throat. It does not go to the best defensive forward, it goes to the forward with a lot of points that plays very good defense.

Selke = fluff
Except for the fact that the Selke usually implies a sacrifice on the offensive side in order to be recognized for an "acceptable amount of defense", if you prefer. In recent history the Red Wings have produce 3 of the poster boys for bucking this trend more than others, in Yzerman, Fedorov, and Datsyuk, and they deserve all the credit they get from it, imo, based in no small part on the Cup rings they have collected between them as a result as the offensive AND defensive leaders of their respective squads.

Call it fluff if you wish, but guys like Messier and Modano never even ended up with a single one for all their perceived defensive prowess, despite having had longer careers/primes than most players from the era by comparison. It doesn't have to mean much to you, as long as you recognize that it does have significant value - at least enough to bother selecting candidates, collecting ballots, and awarding a trophy every year, in any event.

And when you're widely recognized as making more sacrifices to your offensive numbers in the name of team defense than the next guys, and you still blow your teammates out of the water in point scoring, the value "doubles". Look at the recognition Gilmour gets for '92/93. Rod the Bod didn't quite technically do that in '05/06 (1 less point than Whitney), but the combination of defense and offense provided to that 'Canes team, at age 36 no less, was also impressive. Too bad it wasn't part of a similarly successful team formula.

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