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03-20-2013, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by GFORCE View Post
I said from the start that him breaking his stick on Seguin was crossing the line, and that he better had waited for some retributions, especially from a team like the Bruins.

That being said, if what you saw yesterday is "crossing the line" in your vocabulary, well you definitely have a special conception of the expression.
As I said back when the Seguin hit happened, it doesn't matter how I define "crossing the line", it matters how the players on the ice define it.

People said it with the Seguin incident. They said Chara overreacted and that Emelin didn't deserve to be fought.

Now it's the same thing with Foligno. It was an overreaction and Foligno went nuts.

So who's in the wrong, here? Are people just losing their **** at Emelin for no reason? Picking on him because he's the guy with the faceplate? Or is Emelin simply not as innocent as some people are trying to make him out to be?

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